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A few years ago, his voice was the true protagonist of his career.

Known as one of the most renowned voice-over artists in Argentina, he’s the voice of big brands like Telecom–Personal, Quilmes, Frávega, or MercadoLibre. He expanded his talent by giving life to the mosquitoes from Raid, the dog from Toyota Etios, the woodpecker from the Twistos’s cookies, and the Kiwi from Air New Zealand -among many others-.

Because of his exceptional use of Spanish neutral accent -a gift not many voice-over artists have-, he became the voice of international brands like Sony Entertainment Television, Subway, Jeep, and Nike

From a young age, he developed a huge career in advertising, and today he has more than 18 years in the market.

In cinema -in Latin America- he created many fictional characters for animated features like Patoruzito 1 & 2, El Ratón Pérez, Condor Crocs and Gaturro, la película.

He was selected by Disney to dub the actor Joseph Fiennes in the movie The Games Maker. On television, Discovery Kids Latin America chose him as a host of its children’s television series Veloz Mente a huge hit in Mexico and Brazil during its 4 seasons.         

In theater, 2006 was his stage debut. He stood out as a voice actor in children’s plays such as Lazy Town, Cartoon Network’s Cartoonival, Backyardigans and Barney & Friends’ show.


In 2011, he produced and starred in the Broadway musical Avenue Q at Teatro La Plaza in Buenos Aires, winning the Argentinean ACE Award (given by the Entertainment Journalists Association) for Best New Male Artist for his performance and 9 Hugo Awards (the Argentinan award that recognizes the excellence in musical theater), including a Hugo Gold Award -an award that’s only given to The Best of the Season-. And that was only the start. His career in the theater kept growing. He starred the local version of many multi-award-winning musicals, like Next to Normal and Marco Polo, winning a Hugo Award for Best Actor in a Musical. He also starred in Los Monstruos (The Monsters), the musical that gave him a Florencio Sanchez Award (given by the Argentinean National Theater Institute), a Hugo Award, and an ACE Award in the category Best Actor in a Musical. 

In 2018, he was chosen by the prominent composer and theatrical producer Sir Andrew Loyd Webber to star on of his classic musicals: Sunset Boulevard -along with the Argentinean singer Valeria Lynch-. For his performance, he was awarded for the third year in a row, with an ACE Award a Hugo Award, for Best Actor in a Musical


Since 2019, Netflix has had Mariano Chiesa as the main actor in two of the platform’s hugely successful scripted series: the teen series Kally’s Mashup and the biopic Monzón, la serie, playing the role of Tito Lectoure, the famous manager to the boxer, and the one that makes him a world champion. 

He’s now shooting a new series for Netflix, playing Lectoure one more time in another promising success.


Today, he’s living in Miami where he has his personal studio. From there, he records the most important brands in Argentina and Latin America. During the pandemic, the was in constant growth and expansion. He hosted Modo Oculto (Hidden Mode), a late-night radio show made entirely through his Instagram account. He also virtually hosted more than 6 events for Dell Technologies and was chosen by Telemundo/NBC to be the commentator of their prime-time show El Domo del Dinero (The Money Dome), one of the biggest bets for the network for 2020. And for the same network, he was cast in a supporting role in the miniseries Armas de Mujer, to be released as a new drama from Telemundo Global.  

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